Complete Ownership and Irrefutable Security.

Secure Communications, Incident Response & Team Management, utilised by Government and Defense clients across the globe.

Secure Government Communications

SaltDNA work with a number of large government clients across the globe who understand the importance of having full control over their sensitive communications. Public leaks would damage the reputation of their organisation and in some cases may affect the safety of their staff and population.

Mobile communications present major privacy challenges within government bodies. With the increase in reported hacking activities government officials have to ensure that they protect their communications from mobile interception and cyber attacks.

  • On-Premise Deployment available to host on own servers.

  • The ability to offer a branded version of the system to clients.

  • The ability to integrate seemlessly with any MDM/EMM platform.

  • Auto-burn function utilised to delete all messages after a chosen time.

  • Full transparency & willingness to have the system security tested.

  • Full broadcasting function for efficient management of information.

White-Label Options

Use the award winning branded SaltDNA secure communications platform, or apply your own logo and brand colours with a fully white-labelled system.

Deployment Options

Available as a hosted service or as an on-premise installation within private infrastructure.

Message Burn

Our burn functionality allows users to purge information from their device & all recipients devices. This can be done manually, or have a timer setting.

Message Broadcast

Push out live alerts to large groups of users within an organisation. Share messages, images & documents.

External Integration

SaltDNA are able to integrate with chosen MDM/EMM platforms as well as other security systems, for example systems to mitigate the risks of port snooping.

Secure Conferencing

We offer secure one-to-one calls and conferencing allowing up to 16 participants at any one time. All VoIP calls are encrypted and secure in any region.


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